Bittersweet Valentine's Day
Season 1, Episode 45
Kodocha 45
Air date February 14, 1997
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Takeshi is shown to have been able to get up, but feels very ill. Meanwhile, Sana meets Hisae, who is looking at older boys playing tennis. She, being slow to catch on, assumes she just wants to play tennis, and moves on. Everyone in class is expecting chocolates from her today, as she has the reputation of giving them away to everyone. However, she now refuses due to her relationship with Takeshi, and everyone blames Tsuyoshi, since the accident of him falling in love with her earlier had contributed to her decision.

Naozumi is shown to still be trying to show his love to her, but she is woefully ignorant, and assumes he just wants her chocolate. She starts work for the day, but Takeshi does not show up. He is shown to still be quite sick, and does not get up to answer the phone. They start work without him, and he eventually gets up to go. When he sees they're working without him, he leaves without entering the studio. Sana has become very worried that he may be sick, and goes out to look for him.

She finds him at the train station, and gets on to follow him. He is not altogether bothered by her presence, and Sana tells him they'll get off at the next stop. He tells her it is an express train, and that it will not stop anytime soon. He then begins reminiscing about how this is not the first time he's done this, and that, in fact, the previous time he was in love as well. He ran to America, expecting it to solve his problems, but it only made him feel hollow. Sana is touched, and begins to cry along with him.

As they cry, the train comes to a sudden halt in the countryside. It is a train malfunction, and they will be stuck there. Sana then turns the conversation around, telling him to stop dwelling in the past and to live in the present. She gives him her chocolate, and then convinces him to leave then. He agrees, and they make it back to the studio in time to save Rei from his constant stalling of the director. They do the shoot, and finish up the day. Sana decides to give out chocolate freely now, and Hisae confesses her love to the boy she watches, only to learn he has a girlfriend. Sana's book is set to release the next day.



  • This is the first episode to use "Ultra Relax" by Tomoe Shinohara as the opening.