Crazy Stew Family Crisis
Season 1, Episode 6
Kodocha 6
Air date May 10, 1996
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Asako Kurumi... Rival in Love!

Sana is determined to make an impression with her next job on a TV drama, which is about a family with problems similar to Akito's. The next day at school, she ambushes Tsuyoshi in order to learn more about Akito and his mom's death. Tsuyoshi tells her that she had been sick before birth, but that Hayama truly believed he was responsible for killing her. Sana becomes frustrated once more about the dysfunctionality of the Hayama family.

Sana works hard at work the next day, and Rei asks if it has something to do with Hayama. She still says she is frustrated by the situation, but that she'll work hard to resolve it through the drama. When they get to the set, she mentions while talking to Zenjiro (who will be playing a bit role) that she was excited to meet Asako Kurumi, a famous actress whom she admires. Rei doesn't initially have any response, but disappears before they meet.

Later, Sana is in an interview when she suddenly see's Hayama's dad. She runs at him, calling him mush for brains, and telling him to watch the drama she is making. She comes back and works on the drama, but finds Rei gone again before filming starts. Meanwhile, Hayama's dad finds himself unable to bring up the subject of Akito with his daughter Natsumi.

With filming complete on the drama, the time comes for it to air. However, Akito is away eating dinner, so Sana goes out to retrieve him. She finds him alone in the park, but is unable to get him to come home. She realizes that he acts the way he does partially because he does not know what it's like to have a mother. She forces him to pretend she is his mother, and Sana treats him as such, making Hayama go into a trance-like state. At first Sana believes he really think sof her as his mother in that moment, but then she realizes he has a fever. Back at home, Natsumi watches the drama, and realizes how horrible she has been to Akito. She breaks down and admits all she did to her father, who says it's not her fault. Sana delivers Akito home, and life for him is soon to be changed as Fuyuki plans to spend more time with him, and Natsumi will no longer abuse him.

The episode closes with Rei, who is seen re-watching a part of the drama containing Asako repeatedly.



  • This is the first episode where Babbit narrates the cards between scenes.