Don't Believe in Rumours
Season 2, Episode 63
Kodocha 63
Air date June 20, 1997
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This Summer's Constant Flames
The Truth is There

Like the previous episode, this one opens immediately after the last one ended. Sana comes to school, anxious and unprepared for what she'll have to deal with. However, she is greeted warmly, and she finds she can speak normally with Fuka, as she'd hoped. She sees Akito again, but is terrified to see he has grown 5 inches, and now towers over her. She gets along okay, but she still has the thought in the back of her head of he and Fuka now going out.

Fuka gives her complete notes to Sana to copy down, much to her happiness. Fuka still regards her as her best friend, which she is also glad about. At lunch however, Sana finally asks about Fuka and Akito being together. Fuka quickly changes the subject, and Sana becomes more concerned. Later, she meets Akito again, who for once is doing what a teacher told him. He complains of his homeroom teacher, Sengoku, who he says is cruel to him. While they are cleaning, Sana and Akito go back and forth like the used to with insults, but suddenly, Akito says something that strikes a nerve with Sana.

It is that Akito called her 'Sana', rather than her family name. He says he just picked up the habit from Fuka, but Sana demands that he not. Sana later talks to Fuka, trying the prompt more information form between Fuka and Akito. She learns indirectly that they have not kissed, though she carefully avoids telling her she and Akito had. She goes home and talks to Misako and Rei, and while she seems happy, Misako knows she is just pretending to be okay, and that she will break down eventually.

Sana and the rest seem to be getting along okay now, and talk like they used to. However, Sana still feels the divide between her and the rest of them. While eating at a restaurant, she addresses this, to which they all reply that it is Sana dividing herself, as she never talks about what she does. The topic of their boyfriends is brought up, and Tsuyoshi says that she and Naozumi are going out. She realizes that the rumors of her and Naozumi being together have run rampant while they haven't been able to deny them, and she runs off, feeling betrayed. Akito chases her, and tells her she needs to stop hiding her emotions. Sana just slaps him, and runs off.