Double Double Sana's Love Trouble
Season 1, Episode 9
Kodocha 9
Air date May 31, 1996
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A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss
Love Flew Out the Window Like a Chicken!

After Sana had been kissed, she screamed loud enough that it caused chaos, even outside of the building. Tsuyoshi snaps and begins attacking everyone and everything in his rage, including the mayor. Rei arrives just as the students had all left.

When Sana gets home, her mother notices she is very depressed. Unlike her normal self, she begins deploring to Buddha for forgiveness. She is especially upset, as she had specifically wanted to save her first kiss for Rei. Feeling she can no longer expose herself to him, she dons a mask and goes to even further lengths to avoid him. Rei learns what happened through the other students, and Misako orders Hayama be brought to her.

Rei grabs Hayama while he is on the way home, and he and Misako interrogate him. Misako reveals she just wanted to see what he looked like, and lets him go off the hook, to Rei's dismay. He runs into Sana as she comes home, and after Sana lambastes his reckless behavior once again, Hayama admits it was a mistake to kiss her.

While filming an episode of Kodomo no Omecha and still wearing the mask, she reveals to the world that she had been kissed. Afterwards, as she and Rei are on the way home, Rei says she doesn't need a mask, and that he is not mad at all. Sana is very happy with this development, and tells her friends her relationship with Rei is stable again.

Asako Kurumi arrives that day at Sana's house, to talk to Rei. He initially tries to run away, but Misako forces him to confront Asako about whatever is going on, though only to eavesdrop in their conversation. Asako and Rei argue about the past, Rei being very cold and cruel while Asako tries to convince him she didn't ruin his life. Eventually Asako breaks down and holds him, and he hold her back, revealing he does indeed still have feelings for her. After she leaves, Sana walks in, seeing her leave in a taxi. She grabs Rei and shakes him, yelling questions as to why he was seeing her.



  • While arguing, Rei reveals he was orphaned when his parents died in a car crash when he was still in college.