Getting Past an Injury
Season 2, Episode 59
Kodocha 59
Air date May 23, 1997
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Romance in the Mountains
Becoming Aware of Love After Being Jilted

Sana Kurata is attacked by the fans of Naozumi Kamura with sticks, hard enough to even break them. Naozumi is the first to reach her, and the girls immediately backs off. He intends to attack them back, but Sana gets up to stop him, despite her injuries. The girls run away, and everyone else arrives to help. Sana realizes her leg is in extreme pain, and she falls over. She is sent down the hill with Rei Sagami to the doctor, who says she has put her leg under extreme stress, and may have fractured it.

Rei insists that she will have to leave the film now with her injuries, but Sana insists she will not. Rei finally gives in, and they begin making their way back. The girls who attacked her follow as well, and are disappointed to hear she will continue working. They also hear that they will get the police involved, but not until filming is complete. Back at the set, Naozumi has become very depress for what his fans did to her, and considers leaving the film herself. Sana talks to him, saying that despite her pain and anger at the girls, she will stay, so he should as well. Later, she yells off a cliff to relieve her stress, prompting the whole cast and crew to run for her again to see if she needs help.

Back in Tokyo, Akito Hayama watches Zenjiro film a show, in which he goes up to the set of the movie Sana is on and talk to her and Naozumi. More and more rumors spread of their secret relationship, despite their continued denial. Filming becomes very difficult for Sana, as she suffers more and more during every take; however, in turn, he acting ability improves. She becomes sick due to overworking herself, and Naozumi visits her while she sleeps. Journalists capture a picture of Sana holding Naozumi's hand, even though Sana was asleep at the time.

A magazine saying the hand-holding was proof of their relationship, and Tsyuoshi Ohki, Fuka Matsui, Aya Sugita, and Hisae Kamayai obtain a copy. They doubt it's truth, but suddenly Ishida approaches them. He's says it's all true; that Sana told him that she was dating Naozumi (though he doesn't know that was just a cover story so she would not have to outright reject him). Tsuyoshi is weary to tell Akito, but he says that he's already aware, but that he doesn't care. Fuka later approaches him after school, and talks about the time he pretended to be her boyfriend. Now, she says, she wants to know if he will be her real boyfriend.



  • Miho Obana appears again in the newspaper Tsuyoshi and Fuka hold.