Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow
Season 1, Episode 51
Kodocha 51
Air date March 28, 1997
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Through the Tears, Spring Comes
I Made a New Friend in the Bathroom

The third episode in the series to go off on an unrelated tangent, this is a flashback episode containing scenes from other parts of the show. Zenjiro has Naozumi, Tsuyoshi, Hiroshi, Aya, and Hisae brought together, all concealed by masks, to discuss Sana and Akito's relationship. Aya and Hisae first bring up their kiss in the episode A Fruit Juice Soaked First Kiss, then leading to them talking about him fondling her in My Name's Going to Change. Naozumi brings up that Akito also blackmails people, and a clip from Math Mess is shown, though Tsuyoshi attests it was necessary. Zenjiro wants the picture Akito used to blackmail the teachers, but sees it's just Sumirei Ando limboing. Naozumi and Tsuyoshi then proceed to argue whether Sana and Akito's relation is good or not.

They continue to argue, and Tsuyoshi's relationship with Aya is brought up, showing another scene from My Name's Going to Change, when Aya admits her liking Tsuyoshi, and then another clip from Love Tastes Like Curry. Naozumi then talks about how he threatened Akito to keep him away from Sana in Two Pounding Hearts, to which Tsuyoshi responds with how Akito then was offered to learn karate. They then talk about how Akito helped Sana in Two Hungry People Playing Hide and Seek, and how Naozumi helped her too. Zenjiro brings up also how she helped him in Three, Two, One: Sing! for his birthday, suggesting she liked him the most, but Naozumi claims she likes him the most for his call to her on Christmas in The Special Christmas Kiss. Suddenly, Misako appears in a squirrel mask and tells the rest of the story, of how Akito kissed her later that night. The whole meeting falls into disarray then, when suddenly Sana and Akito show up and kick everyone out. She gets her new uniform from Rei, and is excited to begin her new year in middle-school.