Haya-Moths/Ooga Booga Boo
Season 1, Episode 39
Kodocha 39A
Air date January 3, 1997
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As the show is opening, Sana stops the opening introductions and says they will do something different, to Babbit's disapproval.

Sana goes to school, but soon realizes that everyone else has been turned into moths. They have been transformed by Hayama, who uses his pollen to turn everyone else. Sana is the princess, so she is obligated to stop him, and she and Rei begin searching for Queen Misako. She returns on her own, but now as a moth, and Sana vows vengeance. She and Tsuyoshi go out to kill Haya-Moth, who is in the woods. He reveals he gained his powers after playing a trick on the forest god, and further tricks Sana into releasing him. He transforms them both, and Sana enjoys a carefree time fo flying with him. However, she attempts to kill him out of obligation, only to learn he is immortal. Misako reveals you can turn back to human by washing to pollen off.

The second part of the episode takes place in prehistoric times, and everyone speaks by babbling with a few words mixed in. It starts up with a re-enactment of the first three episodes, except taking place in the time period, and with dinosaurs. However, when they are on the cliff, Sana accidentally pushes Hayama off, nearly killing him. Her dinosaur tries to save him, but he is flattened in the process. Sana is taken to jail by Zenjiro, and Hayama is saved by Miho Obana, who writes him back to life. He goes out and saves Sana from jail, but when he molests her as usual, she pushes him away and accidentally kills him again.

The whole sequence is revealed to have been a dream, and Sana wakes up at the events of the end of the last episode.



  • This is the first episode to feature two half-length episodes in one.
  • This is the second meta episode, the first being Sana's Super Happy Quiz Show.
  • This is the second episode Miho Obana, the writer of the show, plays a major role in the plot, the first being Rei and the Jolly Green-Eyed Monster.
  • This episode begins the sudden mid-episode tutorials of how to draw Sana.