Hello, Goodbye, My Love
Season 2, Episode 81
Kodocha 81
Air date October 24, 1997
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We Got Along Great Afterwards

This episode is a flashback episode of most of the events beginning at season 2, with a few deluges into season 1. Sana and Naozumi are eavesdropping on Rei on the plane, who is making romantic messages to Asako. He is startled when he finds out they're listening, and Sana asks why he won't just talk to her when they get back to Japan. He says they they are booked to the brim with jobs, and likely will be able to do little else.

Naozumi and Sana lean back in their seats, and Sana recalls how much has changed since they first met, and how close they'd become. Sana then recalls all of her own memories of meeting Fuka, and her conflict with Akito, then her own troubles while filming Mizu no Yakata.

Remembering all of the events up until then, she comes out of her nostalgic state to realize Naozumi is already asleep. She realizes Rei is staring hopelessly at her, and asks why. He says he had realized that they forgot to bring Maeda, who is still back in New York. They assume, however, he can get back on his own.



  • This is the third flash-back episode in the series.
  • This episode returns to the normal title-card.