Here She Comes, Mama's Mama
Season 1, Episode 29
Kodocha 29
Air date October 11, 1996
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While Misako is one day playing her usual tricks on Onda, her mother, Shizuka, suddenly arrives. Sana delights in seeing her grandmother for only the second time in her life, while Misako is cold and withdraws from her. Demanding an answer for her presence, she calls her father, who tells her that buses filled with marriage hopefuls are on the way. Each one, she finds, are from Kusatsu, the location of her mother's spa. She figures out she's trying to marry her to someone nearby so that she will inherit the spa after she dies, making Misako angry.

At first, with her plans revealed and foiled, Shizuka considers going home. However, she begins thinking about Sana, and the possibility of her inheriting it and continuing the Kurata family line with the spa in their possession, which it had been for the last 300 years. She starts sneaking around her, to Rei's distaste.

While she is watching old recordings of shows Sana has done in the past, she begins talking to Sana about what it'd be like for her to be a manager of an inn. She starts to consider the prospect a bit, which leads Rei into wondering what it'd be like to be the head clerk of such an establishment. Shizuka asks for a tour of the city, which they give.

While they are driving around Tokyo, they get a call from the current head clerk, Sanzou Katagiri. It is for Sana to meet a boy named Toriyama, an 14 year old whose eccentric even by Sana's standards. He screams in conversation, which Sana finds rather entertaining, but doesn't realize Shizuka's intention is for her to marry him. Suddenly, Hayama passes by, and Sana invites him in to eat. Despite her ulterior motives for Sana to be with Toriyama, she is taken by Akito, like Misako was. Toriyama notices this, and challanges him for Sana. Hayama defeats him with just a dark look, and Shizuka is satisfied with Akito over Toriyama. She leaves, leaving the thought of managing a spa still in Sana's mind.