I Made a New Friend in the Bathroom
Season 2, Episode 52
Kodocha 52
Air date April 4, 1997
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Goodbye Yesterday, Hello Tomorrow
The Kiss That Ruined My Life-Plan

Sana wakes up early in the morning to prepare to school, and gets everything together. However, she realizes this is a dream, and that she is actually late. In her rush, she cuts her bangs too short, and Rei gets her to her new school. Here, she meets all of her old friends, including Akito, who is back to his standoffish ways. However, Sana immediately gains notoriety from the students she has not met due to her fame, and is interviewed on the spot. Gomi is here as well, and has had his hair shaven. All the old friends from Jinbou Elementary gather for pictures before going to homeroom.

Sana goes to the bathroom, and hears a girl complaining about the same problem as her, to short bangs. She talks to her, and learns her name is Fuka. They share many characteristics, including appearance and personality, though Fuka has an Osaka accent, as she's a transfer from here. They learn soon that their personalities are indeed similar, in that they react the same way to boys talking behind their backs; with anger and yelling. Sana tells her about Akito, but does not introduce them together, as it seems Akito is already in a fight.

Sana runs down, and learns that an unknown boy who had been watching her through the trees earlier had started it. Akito's fighting abilities have improved since he began karate, but they are both still easily stopped by Sana. The unknown boy starts talking to Sana, but his nose bleeds as he talks. They all take him to the nurses office, from where he promptly turns around and leaves.

Akito tells that he had asked him to introduce Sana to him, as he was a large fan. Akito refuses, as he feels it would take too much time, and he then proceeded to attack. Sana doesn't know what to think, but then kicks Akito in the face when he comments on the boy having an sexual attraction to her (as nosebleeds in Japanese culture implies). He then takes advantage of the beds there in the nurses office, and after Aya and Tsuyoshi leave, Sana herself falls asleep thinking about her and Akito's past. Fuka suddenly arrives and wakes them both up. Seizing the opportunity, Sana introduces her to Akito, but she suddenly becomes very angry and slaps him, telling him that he had ruined her life.