Koharu Hayama
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Nicknames Ma Hayama
Gender Female
Age 28
Born Born
Death Deceased
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Brown
Family Mr.& Mrs.Hayama (parents,possible deceased)

Fuyuki Hayama (husband)

Natsumi Hayama (daughter)

Akito Hayama (son)

Relationships Fuyuki Hayama (husband)

Natsumi Hayama (daughter)

Akito Hayama (son)

Sana Kurata (daughter-in-law)

"...It's sneaky to come over here because of that. It takes courage to look at one's faults.But if you think you've done something wrong... then you should live with that guilt and pain. To live with that self-loathing, writhing with agony inside your heart, is a worse punishment than coming over here."
―Koharu to her son

Koharu Hayama is the deceased wife of Fuyuki and the mother of Natsumi and Akito. She died after giving birth to Akito.

Appearances Edit

Aunque ha estado muerta por más de diez años al comienzo de la serie, aparece en todo el manga en recuerdos, fotos y flashbacks.

In the manga, after he was stabbed in the arm by Komori and was suffering a severe blood loss, Akito nearly died. He had an out-of-body experience and began walking around the hospital. He found a door, but before he could enter the room behind it, Koharu appeared from inside and said he was too young to be entering that room, meaning that he was too young to die. Akito said he didn't want to go to that room but he would because he made two girls (Sana and Fuka) cry. Koharu said that it was a worse punishment to live with that pain instead of dying and encouraged him to live. When Akito realized that she was his mother, Koharu apologized for not being able to raise him. Then she repeated Sana's words from Volume One, telling Akito that she loves him and that she gave birth to him because she wanted him to be born no matter what. After Akito realized these words were spoken to him originally by Sana, his pulse returned and Koharu stood next to him in the emergency room as the doctors rediscovered his pulse.