Love Flew Out the Window Like a Chicken!
Season 1, Episode 10
Kodocha 10
Air date June 7, 1996
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Mr. Hayama, You're a Real Dad

Sana is still enraged at Asako having been at her home, and begins yelling and shaking Rei, asking what she was doing there. Misako assails her with her toy hammer until she calms down, and disallows Rei from answering her questions. Henceforth, it is now Rei who avoids Sana, in order to avoid a confrontation.

Sana is frustrated about all of these things at school, but her anger is suddenly interrupted when she meets a young second-grader named Aono, who asks for an autograph. She discovers this is Tsuyoshi's younger sister, and Sana envies him for having such a cute sibling. She reveals an egg she is keeping, hoping it will hatch into a chicken. Tsuyoshi confides to Sana that it is only an egg bought from the market that will not hatch. Sana decides it would be nice to get her a real chick and swap out the egg to make her think it hatched. Hayama objects, saying it's wrong to mess with a child's mind.Sana disregards him, and slips her the chick, to which she is overjoyed to see.

Having reached a breaking point while working on Kodomo no Omecha, Sana goes home and confronts Rei about their relationship. Misako comes in before Rei can make anything up, and bluntly states Rei was never her real boyfriend, and that 'pimp', to which she had always referred to him as, was a derogatory word. Sana is devastated, and runs out into the city.

As she runs, she passes by Hayama, who chases her to the park. Sana says she intends to run away, as she feels she cannot face Rei any longer. Hayama doesn't disagree, but continues to call her out on giving Aono the chicken, to which she responds angrily to. Hayama leaves, but comes back shortly afterwards, knowing Sana's indecisive nature and wanting to help her after what she'd done for him. Eventually, Misako's remote-controlled car passes by, with a message that she should come home. Before leaving, she asks why Hayama kissed her. He said it was because he does not hate her, which she doesn't understand and gets angry about before finally leaving. At home, she is delighted to see Rei not angry in the least, and they talk privately. Sana asks Rei if he likes Asako, to which Rei finally admits that he does. Sana cries, but is not upset as Rei will remain in her life as her manager.



  • The opening character card sequence is cut short as Babbit interrupts and says there is no time.