Mami Suzuki
Character information
Name in Japanese 鈴木まみ
Romaji translation Mami Suzuki
Gender Female
Age 11 (Start of manga and anime)
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupations Elementary school student
Family Mr. Suzuki (father)

Mrs. Suzuku (mother)


Mami Suzuki is a member of class 6, and a friend of Sana. She is known to be very quiet, and is often forgotten among the others. This was not seen initially, but seemed to become prevalent after a particular attack by Hayama's lackeys in which she is nearly drowned in a pond. She is deeply scarred by this, to the point where she cannot speak to Hayama without crying, nor be in the room alone with him.

Later, seen is seen to take great care of animals, particularly a rabbit the school keeps in a pen. When Hayama tries to make amends with her, he nearly kills it with his negligence while trying to take care of it, causing Mami to completely break down in her hatred and anger at him. When she realizes the rabbit lived, she calms down, and is able to communicate with Hayama again, though still soft-spokenly. She is shown to still be around in middle school, but generally blends in with the crowd afterwards.

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