Misako Kurata
Citty hat
Character information
Name in Japanese 倉田美紗子
Romaji translation Kurata Misako
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Occupations Author
Residence Kurata household
Family Ryousuke Kashima (ex-husband)

Sana Kurata (adoptive daughter)
Akito Hayama (adoptive-son-in-law)
Sari Hayama (adoptive granddaughter)


Misako Kurata (倉田美紗子 Kurata Misako) is Sana Kurata's adoptive mother. She raised Sana ever since she was a newborn. She's different because she never wears her hair normally and carries a chipmunk named Maro with her everywhere. isako is also a popular author and makes her editor suffer by keeping her work from being finished before its due date.

Physical appearanceEdit

Misako Kurata is in her late twenties to early thirties. She has golden brown eyes and dark brown hair often tied in a bun with a wacky hat or hair style resting on the top of her head. After her divorce at the age of 20 years old, she decided that being "ordinary" just wasn't for her and felt a sense of freedom by being eccentric. This is when she started wearing traditional Japanese kimonos and her hair in ridiculous ways. The hats she wears are inhabited by her pet chipmunk Maro who lives and plays in them.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sana may have inherited her bizarre and eccentric personality from her adoptive mother. She speeds around in her toy car and enjoys tormenting her editor.

She can also use hypnosis.


Sana KurataEdit

Holds a very close relationship to her adoptive daughter, it turns out she found Sana abandoned at a park bench and she formally adopted her.

Ryousuke KashimaEdit

Misako's ex-husband. He comes to their house often to ask for money and Misako likes to drive him out. She wrote a book about him 'The Gigolo and I'. Misako likes to kick him out in many different ways, sometimes with the help of Sana.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Misako is shown more in the anime than in the manga; this is because her antics are funny when animated.
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