Mother's Book of Surprises
Season 1, Episode 17
Kodocha 17
Air date July 26, 1996
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Two Pounding Hearts
Two Hungry People Playing Hide and Seek

The book will be released the next day, and fans are now swarming outrageously around Sana. Leaving from work, she meets up with Tsuyoshi, who hurts himself in the process of entering the car. After a picture is taken, they make their way home, and run in to Hayama along the way. Sana talks to him about what's going on, but he seems to not care. When she mentions the book, he says she can just go to Naozumi for support, making her very angry.

At home, Rei only has good things to say about Sana, while Misako seems distant. She didn't attend the play due to a meeting with Onda, and says Sana should not go to school the next day. Rei continues to vow to protect her at any cost. Suddenly, Misako's ex-husband appears, asking for money. Sana and Misako already have traps devised for him, and take humor in kicking him out. That night, Sana contemplates contacting Hayama, but worries he will still not care as he did earlier.

The book is now released, and everyone races to read it. Rei hears on the news people talking about how it explains that Sana was not born to Misako, and that instead she was found abandon. Rei asks Misako is it is true, and she explains everything; after she learned she was barren, she completely changed herself, in the way she acted and looked. She found the girl on a park bench and named her Sana, and brought her to a children's home before adopting her. Rei, in hearing this, becomes angry that Sana's feelings were not taken into consideration when making this novel. Sana says this was part of a deal they had made before she had even met Rei.

The whole of the country is absorbed in the book, and even Tsuyoshi and Akito read it together. The crowd outside the Kurata home refuses to disperse, even when Misako tries to explain the situation, to no avail. Misako and Rei start fighting, with Rei calling Misako cold-blooded for ignoring Sana's feelings. The continue back and forth, until Rei yells that Misako cannot know Sana's feelings, as she's not her real mother. Rei knows he has now gone too far, and backs off. Hayama burst through the door on his bike suddenly, and grabs Sana and races out. He brings her back to his home, where she can escape form the horde of reporters now following her.