Naozumi Kamura
Character information
Name in Japanese 加村直澄
Romaji translation Kamura Naozumi
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue
Occupations Actor

Naozumi is also a child actor, and another competitor for Sana's love. Naozumi has a history with Sana: when they were babies, they both spent time together at the Kamura Orphanage. (Naozumi knows about Sana's 3 moles) In the manga, when Sana's illness was triggered at a young age, Naozumi is the one who helped her recover (although at the time, Sana thought Naozumi was a girl due to his long hair). At the end of the series, Naozumi makes the painful decision to give up his love for Sana, but remains her loyal friend. In the final book of the manga, Naozumi leaves the country to film another movie and advance his career.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Naozumi is of mixed nationalities shown by his gray hair and blue eyes. When he was a child he had quite long hair, leading Sana to mistake him for a girl upon their first meeting.

He is handsome and charismatic, but this doesn't seem to work on Sana at all. When he's flustered or upset he'll play his trumpet, much to the annoyance of his manager. He is also very caring, he always puts Sana first and can only be put at ease if she's smiling. He also loves the Kamura Academy and everybody who lives there. He turned down his invitation to Sana's Christmas party because he was spending Christmas there.

Anime Differences in Naozumi's StorylineEdit

In the anime, Naozumi is central to a major story arc in which he and Sana travel to New York City to be featured in a Broadway musical. During this trip, Naozumi unexpectedly encounters both of his birth parents. The trauma of these events bring him and Sana closer, and when they came back to Japan they starting dating. However, he broke up with her a few episodes late, because he realized that Sana still had feelings for Hayama.

Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed in the spin-off, Deep Clear, that Naozumi is bisexual.
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