Natsumi Hayama
Kodocha - Natsumi
Character information
Name in Japanese Hayama Natsumi
Romaji translation
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye color Brown
Occupations Student
Family * Fuyuki Hayama (father)

Natsumi Hayama is the daughter of Koharu and Fuyuki Hayama. She is Akito Hayama's older sister and is a huge fan of Sana Kurata.

In the anime, Natsumi is voiced by Akemi Okamura (in the Japanese version) and Caitlin Glass (in the English version).


Natsumi was first a young girl who was happy and loved both her mother and father. However, after her mother died giving birth to her brother, she consumed a hatred for Akito and never showed love to him, often blaming him for their mother's death. After constantly being mean to him with no explanation why, three years after her mother's death, she told Akito that she and her father hated him for killing her mother.

She was first shown when Sana and Tsuyoshi were spying on Akito; Natsumi was heard shouting at Akito and saying everything was his fault. Later on, she warms up to Akito and becomes a normal big sister to him, sometimes overprotective.

Physical appearanceEdit

Natsumi has short light brown hair that curls inward at the back with few hair branches at the front, but later on her hair grows longer and is back to a natural fall. Her eye colour is brown and are quite big.

Personality and traitsEdit

Natsumi is thought to be the type that can't forgive easily, shown from how she shows hatred towards Akito from his birth to the start of the series because of their mother's death. She also seems to be quite loving as well after she forgives Akito, pulling herself together to cook meals for the family and watch TV with them. Often they watch Sana on TV, as she is a big fan of Child's Toy. Natsumi can also be quite the fangirl, checking up on magazines and newspapers just to see the latest stories about Sana.