One More Song 3-2-1
Season 2, Episode 80
Kodocha 80
Air date October 17, 1997
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Hello, Goodbye, My Love

The fourth episode to go on an unrelated tangent, this episode takes place in a universe where all of the characters are in a town where all forms of music are banned. Everyone who plays even a single note is arrested by Mayu, who is one of the top police agents. She constantly raid's Sana's Club, which is a known area where people play music, but she can never catch her.

Naozumi comes into town, but is unaware that he cannot play music. Before he gets in trouble, he is directed to Sana's Club. Meanwhile, Mayu's boss, Sanekichi, says she's doing a fine job when he suddenly spots Zenjiro, who is mad that he is only just now re-appearing in the anime after a long period of absence, only to be immediately arrested. Sanekichi and Zenjiro are drawn to each other, since they profit from each other in the canon. They accidentally sing together, and are both arrested, but before Mayu can usurp the boss-position, Brad suddenly sweeps in and declares himself boss. Mayu raids the club again, but meets Naozumi. She falls in love, and protects him from being arrested when he was obviously playing music, saying it was actually her farting.

Escaping once again, Sana makes her way to the police station, to protest the strange law. Meanwhile, Mayu thinks about Naozumi more, believing now that she's fully in love with him. She realizes she was accidentally singing, but since Ayano, her fellow agent, doesn't pay attention to things, she is not caught.

Sana's club is now on a boat, but whilst having a large party, they get raided by police, who were tipped off by a trick by Brad. Mayu realizes she was responsible for the tip, as she accidentally distracted Naozumi, giving Brad time to set up the trap. She wants Naozumi to be free, but he refuses to stop playing his trumpet. However, when she tries to arrest him, he escapes form her, and he says he will always play music, until the ban is lifted. Suddenly, Fuyuki Hayama, who is apparently the president, says he now repeals the law. Everyone is happy, and Sana, Mayu, and Ayano perform "Port City Charleston".



  • This features another appearances by Miho Obana as the saxophone player who is arrested at the beginning.
  • This episode features more unique, named characters than any other one.
  • The song performed at the end, "Port City Charleston", is the song the sound clip during the mid-episode commercial break comes from.
  • This is the fifth unique title card used.