Papa, You're Bad
Season 2, Episode 77
Kodocha 77
Air date September 26, 1997
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Should We Go Home? Or Not?
The First & Last Mother/Son Battle

Sana and Naozumi, after singing a song together, think on how they are glad they ultimately decided to stay in New York, and Rei takes pride in their maturity. As Maeda hurt himself again, Rei still remains Naozumi's temporary manager, and they continue to work on the play. Michelle works them to exhaustion, indirectly in punishment for their considering leaving. As they leave practice, Gary stops them and asks to talk to Naozumi alone.

They walk together, and Gary talks about meeting Yuko; that he was smitten with her, but that she was only obsessed with staring in a play. He then apologizes for Naozumi learning of their relationship the hard way, and that he had planned to tell him after the play had happened. He then suddenly says that he would like for him to stay in New York permanently, to live with him and his family. Naozumi asks what Michelle and Sicil thinks, to which he replies that he hasn't explained it, but he's sure they'd be fine with it. Sana, who'd been eavesdropping, suddenly pops out, saying that that's stupid.

Gary doesn't understand why she's so angry, to which she replies that he's causing a lot of problems by making all of the decisions for himself, not as a family. So, the two gather Michelle and Sicil together to talk to him about their issues, while Sana and Naozumi go over to talk about his trumpet. The Hamilton's sit silently for a long time, trying to make small talk, but it all ending abruptly and awkwardly.

Finally, Gary brings up Sicil being worried, and she starts crying immediately. She says it's because they don't want her because she can't dance, and Michelle remembers accidentally saying that when she thought she was asleep. She apologizes profusely, saying she's blamed herself ever since. Sicil also says that Gary was a fault, for stopping taking her to plays. He says it was because he didn't want her to be jealous of the people dancing on stage. Realizing the problems, they come to Sana and Naozumi saying their problems are solved, and it was all Gary's fault the whole time. With that done, they go to the apartment, where Sana writes a letter home. Suddenly though, Rick comes to the door after they read the play Yuko was in was cancelled, and he asks for Naozumi's help.