Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough
Season 1, Episode 27
Kodocha 27
Air date September 27, 1996
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Ryousuke arrives at the Kurata house to, once again, ask for money. Misako kicks him out, as usual, but this time, he seems more solemn. He takes to Sana before getting kicked out, giving her an ugly doll as a gift. Despite its cheapness, he, for once, seems legitimately well-intentioned in giving the doll. Sana shows the doll at school, but nobody likes it due to its ugliness.

At Kodomo no Omecha, Zenjiro is growing tired of the pains of his jobs, and wants something new. Ryouskuke suddenly approaches Sana at work, bringing her to lunch and telling her he is in danger. People whom he had borrowed money from were planning to kill him if he didn't pay him back, so he needs her to work for them in order to pay back the money. Sana is surprisingly not against the idea, as she truly believes Ryousuke means no harm. She gets Zenjiro involved as well, but conceals what she's doing from Rei. She tells Hayama and Tsuyoshi, and Hayama suggests he might have a Lolita Complex for her. She lambastes him for his own perversions, and continues on anyway.

Sana sneaks out with Zenjiro, though Misako is already suspicious of her. They both arrive at a church Ryousuke pointed them to, but are both suddenly knocked out by the assassin and Ryousuke. They are brought in, and talk to a man who refers to himself as Mr. Big, who says he has work for them to do. Sana and Zenjiro are set doing over 50 jobs as entertainers at wedding receptions in a day, and they are both exhausted by the work. Ryousuke seems legitimately thankful, however, so they continue on.

Hayama and Tsuyoshi had been secretly spying on them, and Hayama now believes they intend of shipping her away as they are about to do a job on a ship. They infiltrate the vessel, and prepare an attack to free Sana and Zenjiro. They strike, only to realize that they were wrong about the whole ordeal. Sana was never in any real danger, and the gun the assassin held turned out to be fake. Mr. Big is actually a kind wedding director whom Ryousuke happened to owe money through a friend, and while he had worked Sana hard, he never intended to harm her. With the confusion cleared up, they all go home, and Sana still believes Ryousuke was better than she thought. However, when she sees even the doll she got was a ploy to get money, she becomes angry again, and they kick him from the house as usual.