Really, Really Seriously Really
Season 2, Episode 56
Kodocha 56
Air date May 2, 1997
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The Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot A Movie
Pretend Boyfriend for Sushi

Sana's friends mention that Sana will not be able to be contacted while in the mountains, and Akito worries more about what he plans to tell Sana when she returns. Sana herself arrives at the location of the set, where a massive, impressive mansion has been built. Mikio Ono suddenly shows up, saying it will be burnt to the ground at the end of the movie, to the anger of the builder, Odoga.

Everyone prepares for their roles, but Rei becomes extremely stressed and paranoid that Naozumi will outdo Sana. She does not care, however, and goes about at her usual pace. They begin filming, but after a single take, Ono stops for the rest of the day due to there being too much sunlight. They have a BBQ, but while everyone is going to that, Mikio stops Sana to talk to her. He says he admires her greatly, and that she' a great actor. He also predicts that she will fall in love with Naozumi by the end, to Sana's frustration.

Sana joins the rest in the BBQ, when Naozumi's strength is brought into question after he is shown to be unable to handle peppery gum. They arm wrestle in front of everyone, and while Sana has the advantage, Naozumi defeats her by telling her he knows about her moles. She forces him into the woods after having been beaten in the match, making him promise to tell no one. Some girls see this from out of their sight, and determine they hate Sana. Meanwhile, Akito begins having dreams about Sana.

They film the next day, and the scene goes well. Everything goes as is according to plan, until Naozumi suddenly freezes up mid-line. Rei is excited in seeing this weakness of his, while Mikio states that this is actually what he wanted. The scene stops when Sana breaks character, but Mikio says he wants to keep the scene. Naozumi suddenly grabs Sana, and tells her he loves her. At the same time, back in Tokyo, Fuka comes up to Akito and asks him to be her boyfriend.