Rei and the Jolly Green-Eyed Monster
Season 1, Episode 30
Kodocha 30
Air date October 25, 1996
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A Snake Came Slithering in Muddy Shoes

Sana has planned to work with Zenjiro on advertising Kodomo no Omecha by jacking other shows, but Rei is distracted as she is telling him this in the car. At an intersection, he is looking at something in a nearby stand, and wrecks the car in the process. Sana questions his distractedness throughout the day, but then learns that Asako is doing a drama with a famous actor, Takuya Kimochi.

As it happens, the next day, she does her first show-jacking with Zenjiro during Kimochi's music video with his band, SYNAP. Rei notes that he is very handsome, as well as friendly and has a good sense of humor. He now fears Asako will fall for the man during the drama she is in with him, and becomes even more distracted by it. Sana, Tsuyoshi, and Akito set out to learn the truth, and spy on Asako. It appears she and Takuya are about to kiss, but a convenient mattress being moved obscures Sana's view.

Tsuyoshi tells her they aranged for them to do something while Sana couldn't see. They get in their car, and Sana, Tsuyoshi, and Akito sneak in as well. They go to a church first, where they talk about marriage, and then to a fancy restaurant. Sana is severly worried that Takuya plans to marry Asako but is unable to hear anything defining, when suddenly, Asako and Takuya become surrounded by reporters. Sana dispatches them in hopes of hearing more from them, but fails as she is noticed by her. Meanwhile, a suspicious reporter still slinks around, taking pictures of Sana.

Rei has become very depressed, and cannot bare the thought of Asako falling in love with Takuya. He goes off on his own, leaving Sana to have to get home on her own. Misako, already angry with Rei due to his recent behavior, plans to force him to watch the potential announcement of Takuya's intent to marry Asako. They watch it, but learn that rather than Asako, Takuya planned to marry Miho Obana the whole time. Everyone is shocked, but Rei is greatly relieved. All the while, the same reporter from earlier is developing the pictures of Sana, proclaiming he would use them to take over the media.



  • All of the police who talk to Rei after the accident are actually adult-sized Babbits, as are the workers carrying the mattress.
  • The band Takuya is a part of is SYNAP, but they are singing the song '19 O'Clock News' by Tokio.
  • This is the first time a fourth-wall break was used as a major plot point, with Miho Obana, the real life writer of the show, marries Takuya.