Romance in the Mountains
Season 2, Episode 58
Kodocha 58
Air date May 16, 1997
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Pretend Boyfriend for Sushi
Getting Past an Injury

Sana and Naozumi film a scene together, and it goes very well. Afterwards, Naozumi approaches Sana, and apologizes for saying he loved her so suddenly. Sana tries to explain that she knew he didn't mean harm in it, but fails to get the right words out. When they are both being interviewed later, Naozumi says their relationship is like brother and sister, while Sana says she's only a fan of Naozumi, prompting him to look at her discontentedly, showing he really does still have feelings for her.

Asako and Kawai are filming a 'love scene' in the movie, and Sana is concerned Rei will be jealous. He shows no outward emotions of jealousy, but becomes suddenly tense. Sana later sneaks up on Asako and Kawai during the scene to watch, laughing at what they're doing while Naozumi curiously hangs aside. She falls off the latter she climbed up to watch however, and hurts them both. As she and Asako sit in the spa together alone, Asako brings up Sana not having a bra yet. She offers to take her down to town to help her choose her first. Rei is embarrassed when he asks why she's leaving for, and becomes sad at how fast Sana is growing up. She gets her bra, officially now able to spit back at Akito that she's no longer 'braless'.

Back at the set, Sana films another brief scene. As she finishes, she returns to see all of her belongings in shreds. As Rei goes to talk to the producer about it, she is approached by a group of girls, who say they are fans of Naozumi. They warn Sana to stay away from Naozumi, as he's too pure for her. Sana tries to convince them that she's not with him, and Naozumi comes to support this. However, he then tells them that regardless, he still has a crush on Sana, prompting the girls to cry and run off.

Later, Sana grows tired of seeing Rei ignoring that Kawai is getting very close with Asako. She tells him he must stand up for himself, and assert himself as Asako's boyfriend. Rei, despite avoiding that to try to not influence Asako's opinion, agrees, and runs off to her. Sana realizes she was thinking with Akito when giving her advice, to her annoyance. Rei goes between Asako and Kawai and says he's her boyfriend, to which Kawai responds in saying he didn't know, and he backs off immediately. Sana thinks all has ended well, but later that night, she looks outside to see one of the girls from earlier standing outside. She goes out, only to be ambushed by the other girls, and she screams as they bat her with sticks.