Shinichi Gomi
Character information
Name in Japanese 五味真
Romaji translation Shinichi Gomi
Gender Male
Age 11 (Start of manga and anime)
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Occupations Student
Residence Gomi Residence

Shinichi Gomi is a background character seen throughout the series. At first, he is simply another one of Hayama's lapdogs, but he develops his own interests when he feels Hayama is becoming too soft. Declaring himself leader of the boys in Class 6, he attempts to restart fighting between the girls and boys when Hayama loses interest. Hayama wants to fight him, but Sana, deploring violence, only allows Hayama to throw one punch, enough to put him back in line.

Later in the series, it is discovered his life is more complex then is initially let on. His parents pressure him to go to the more prestigious middle school, forcing him to shave his normally long hair. He cracks under the pressure, taking to shoplifting and pressing the blame on Hayama. He falls in with a crowd of kids who normally beat him up, and uses them to attack Hayama, nearly injuring him in the process. He eventual sees his own mistakes, apologizing to Hayama and turning on the bullies who attacked him.