Should We Go Home? Or Not?
Season 2, Episode 76
Kodocha 76
Air date September 19, 1997
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Yuko drinks as Naozumi leaves, who is totally silent as he does so. Once outside, he and Sana turn to Central Park, and they sit there for awhile. Naozumi says that it doesn't hurt him too bad, as this is the second time of being abandoned, and he still has his friends at Kamura Academy. When Sana starts crying though, he breaks into bawling himself over the pains he's felt thus far. Sicil, meanwhile, is finally connecting with her father for the first time.

After crying, Sana thinks about how Naozumi was the one to convince her to come in the first place. Now, Sana tries to convince for them to return to Japan. After all that they had been through, Sana says that she'd rather deal with her troubles in her own country. Naozumi is won over, and when they tell Rei, he gets excited and has them assigned to a flight later that day, wanting to see Asako again as soon as possible. Bernie hears, and becomes depressed, but he is happy to have met all of them and spent that time together. When Naozumi calls Gary, however, Sana begins to second-guess herself.

Sicil picks up the phone instead, and she's devastated to learn that they're leaving. Naozumi asks that she pass the information along to Gary, but when she has the opportunity, she fails to do so. As the three get to their taxi, they say their good-byes to Bernie, and head off for the airport. Sicil regrets not having told Gary that they were leaving, out of her own timidness and fear that she may hurt her father. Without any ability to contact her father, she calls for Brad, who takes her onto his motorcycle to the airport. They go off-road to avoid traffic, moving as quickly as possible.

The three, meanwhile, meet Maeda in the airport, who they see has become quite fat. After seeing a television interview with Gary while waiting in the airport, Sana asks if they're really ready to leave. Later, Gary talks to Bernie after learning that Naozumi was gone. He says it was his own negligence which drove him away, to which he accepts and then leaves. While thinking about this, Rei suddenly comes in, asking for a place to stay again, as they have decided to stay longer and finish their job.