Stupid American & Child
Season 2, Episode 73
Kodocha 73
Air date August 29, 1997
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My Exposed Secret
Mother's Gleeful Practical Joke

Naozumi has run out into the city after learning that Sicil is his sister, and Gary Hamilton his father. Sana takes her anger out on Brad for telling him, and forces him to search for him with her. Naozumi stumbles into an alleyway, which happens to be behind his mother's house. She sees him out the window and starts to move outside, despite a now heavy downpour.

Sana informs Rei, who in turn has Bernie and Sicil go out and look for him while he stays home. Naozumi is suddenly approached by his mother, who acts surprised to see him and hands him an umbrella. She brings him in and puts him in her bed, as he has come down with a fever. She manages to call Rei, who is glad to hear he's safe. With him secured, Brad leaves, but Sana continues to lambaste him for his past behavior, to his annoyance. Naozumi wakes up, and comes to learn that his mother is also an actress. He suddenly asks her if Gary Hamilton is his real father.

While she staggers a bit, she does confirm that he is his father. She says they fell in love while she was in Japan, but after he left her, she was forced to give Naozumi up. Rei comes in later, and thanks Yuko for taking care of him, to which she responds that she should be thanking him. Sana talks to Naozumi, who is coming to terms with who his family is now. He asks that she not tell Rei or Bernie, for fear that Sicil may learn the truth, and be devastated.

Sana is late for practice the next day, and Naozumi takes the day off. Michelle yells at her, but she's come to accept that that's just the way things are. At home, Sicil is becoming reclusive again. Sana goes to talk to her, and she spills out how she feels that everyone hates her. Sana becomes fed up with her constant self-pity, and hits her over the head, telling her she is one of the most spoiled brats she's ever known, and that she needs to become stronger. Meanwhile, Bernie, who was eavesdropping, goes outside to where Brad was thinking over what Sana had told him earlier. He offers him a sandwich, for no apparent reason, leaving Brad suspicious. The next day, Gary is riding in his limousine, but rolls his window down for a passing pizza-driver, Rick. He tells him that he needs to stop Yuko, as she's making a terrible mistake.