Sunny, With Occasional Disappearing
Season 1, Episode 23
Kodocha 23
Air date September 6, 1996
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Karate Heart, Quitting Blues
Math Mess

Sana is shooting an episode special of Kodomo no Omecha, and beats Zenjiro in laser tag. Frustrated about his loss, he tries to coax from Sana whether or not she has a boyfriend. Sana proclaims she does not, but does let slip that she has a sister. She says she would like to meet her again sometime, not really expecting to see her again, but Mariko was in fact watching the episode, and now anticipates another day with her.

Mariko is one day playing outside while her parents work, and they leave her alone for just a moment. She hears a crowd of people talking about Sana, and she goes off to follow them. She cannot reach Sana behind the crowd, however, so she goes into the bus she came with. After Sana plays a hard game of Tennis with Zenjiro, he wakes up on a bench after having been knocked out and, already frustrated, makes his way into the bus for lunch. He sees Mariko inside eating what little lunch he had, and immediately becomes mad. Mariko cries, until he unintentionally makes her laugh by getting hurt. She ends up falling asleep and waking up when the bus is at the studio, and goes after Sana when she sees her. She's nearly hit by Zenjiro's car, and she goes into the studio. Meanwhile, her parents are worriedly trying to find her, and contact Misako.

As everyone learns of the situation, everyone starts trying to help look for Mariko, including Sana. She cuts her recordings short and she frantically searches for her, and meets with Mariko's father who also helps, despite him usually being the quiet type. Zenjiro, meanwhile, is totally unaware of the search, and Mariko keeps showing up with him, first destroying his suit, then demanding he take her to Sana. At first he wishes to just get rid of her, but then he is chased by fans, and pulls her into his vehicle. He says he'll take her to his house until he finds her parents, and while he takes her to the bathroom on the way home, one of Rei's homeless contact friends spots them and warns everyone else.

Zenjiro finally gets home and is prepared to relax, while Mariko falls asleep. His door is suddenly broken down by police, and Sana, Keiko, and Mr. Sakai run in to see her. Mariko's dad punches Zenjiro in the face, assuming he had kidnapped her. After it is learned he did not, he apologizes, and Mariko finally gets to spend time with Sana.