Takeshi Gojo
Character information
Name in Japanese
Romaji translation
Nicknames Take-chan
Gender male
Age 41
Born unknown
Death Deceased
Hair color blue
Eye color yellow
Occupations Actor
Residence Gojo residence
Family Akito Hayama (son-in-law)

Keiko Sakai (ex-wife)

Sari Hayama (granddaughter)

Sana Kurata (daughter)

Takeshi Gojo ('Take') is Sana's pretend-father in Late Night Murder Mystery Theatre, and her father by blood aswell. Not long after they started working together, reporters started believing that they were father and daughter (they didn't know they actually were yet) and Sana breezily declared that they were lovers.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Takeshi has dark blue hair and brown lined eyes. He is quite tall and almost always seen with his signature glasses on.

Takeshi is quite chilled usually. He's funny, and he shares alot in common with Sana. He speaks slowly and can be very comforting. He enjoys surprising people in the wackiest ways possible! Due mostly to his chronic illness, Takeshi believes he has never seen anyone through to the end, and he thinks that's the reason he only ever recieves minor roles when working.


Sana KurataEdit

He and Sana are especially close. When she told the reporters that she and Takeshi were lovers, he had no issues with going along with it. He said to her once that when she's with him he feels like he did when he first started acting ('Watch out world, here comes Take!'). He loves her dearly. The first thing he ever saw through to the end was protecting his daughter. 

Keiko SakaiEdit

Takeshi loved Keiko a lot, so he always regretted it after he went to Hollywood. He had no idea that she was pregnant with Sana.