The Actress Goes to the Mountains to Shoot A Movie
Season 2, Episode 55
Kodocha 55
Air date April 25, 1997
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Sana Who Cannot Love Completely
Really, Really Seriously Really

Sana begins her press conference with Naozumi, Asako, and another actor in the movie, Kawai Takamitsu, Her relationship with Naozumi immediately becomes the subject, which they both continue to deny exists. Eventually, the subject is turned to the director, Mikio Ono, who makes his first official appearance. Tsuyoshi and the rest of Sana's friends hear that she will be leaving for a long time for the filming, and speculate that she may be held back because of it.

Sana learns she will be staying at the set of the movie for two months, and leaving in a couple of days. Tsuyoshi warns Akito that he must make a move for Sana, or else Naozumi may steal her away during their filming. Akito tells him to mind his own business, and works for the next promotion in karate. Meanwhile, Ishida begins to stalk Sana.

Sana comes to school the next day, and tells everyone what' going to happen. All of her friends are sad, but see her off. However, after school, she is approached by Ishida. He admits his love to her, but Sana wants no part of it. She lies and says she's with Naozumi, causing him to run off in sadness. She fears the fallout of this lie.

She is nearly prepared to leave, and is making phone calls to all of her friends. She tries to call Akito, but he does not pick up; he is later told by his family. He runs to her bus, and she gets out to meet him. She is glad he came, even though he claims it was by accident they met, but he says there is something he wants to tell her. However, he doesn't want to admit his love in front of everyone, so he says he will tell her when she gets back. Misako observes all of this, and wonders if he will still feel the same when she gets back.