The Kiss That Ruined My Life-Plan
Season 2, Episode 53
Kodocha 53
Air date April 11, 1997
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Sana Who Cannot Love Completely

After having slapped Akito, Fuka explains that they both went to the same Hikari kindergarten. Tsuyoshi comes to talk to Akito, and as it happens, he want as well. Back then, Akito had bragged of how he could kiss a girl, and agreed to do it for 10 yen from all the boys in the class. Back then, the kiss had little effect on either of them, but later on, it ruined Fuka's chances with a boy she liked, whom she had already planned to be with forever.

Tsuyoshi tells Akito to avoid Fuka at all costs, as she is now absolutely infuriated. Meanwhile, Sana gets a star role in a movie by Mikio Ono, a horror director who is very famous. Sana, however, is seemingly unconcerned, distracted by Fuka and Akito's conflict. Akito catches her alone one time, to tell her that what happened between him and Fuka and what happened with her were different, but Sana does not take him seriously.

Annoyed with being dismissed so easily by Sana, Akito knocks over a trashcan after being late for homeroom in the first place. The teacher becomes very angry, but Akito continues to disrespect him. Tsuyoshi tries to intervene on his behalf, but his continued taunting drives Tsuyoshi into one of his rages. Akito's coolness to his teacher attracts the attention of some of the girls.

Fuka continues to hate Akito, but he makes it abundantly clear that he doesn't care. Sana tries to keep them separate, and begins exercising with her for gymnastics club, attracting the attention of the perverted boy from earlier. Rei brings her to a board meeting for her new movie, where she finds that Naozumi and Asako will also be in the movie. Later on, when walking home from school, girls from earlier ask for a picture with Akito. He cruelly refuses, prompting Fuka to step in on their behalf. He proclaims he's just being honest, to which Fuka replies that he has a point. When it is just Sana and Fuke, Fuka suddenly begins to admit that she likes Akito very much.