The Promised Summer, Part 2
Season 1, Episode 15
Kodocha 15
Air date July 12, 1996
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The Promised Summer, Part 1
Two Pounding Hearts

The two are still at the bottom of the cliff, and Sana begins crying. Hayama says that he does not think her mother hates her for whatever she is doing, as Sana would be very different if her mother did not love her. He also tells Sana she has a place to cry if she feels like she has to at any time, making her happy.

Rei catches wind of the novel Misako is writing from Onda, and asks her about it. She refuses to say anything, but asks Rei to protect her more than ever, as there's bound to be a lot of controversy surrounding the book. Meanwhile, Hayama back with Sana mentions that he talked to his family about her, specifically, what it would be like if he married her, though he withholds this fact. He remembers something funny his father said, making him laugh slightly. Sana notices this, and chases him around trying to get him to laugh again. In the process, Sana chases him up the cliff to the top, and when they notice this, they make their way back to the rest of the class. They were very worried and angry, and they both are made to apologize.

After returning home, Sana vows to not let the impending release affect her. Summer comes, but Sana is still busy with swim class and other related activities. While talking with her friends, she says she will soon be working on a commercial with Naozumi Kamura, a very famous actor that is her age, who is known for being a very pretty boy. Hayama overhears, and becomes jealous immediately.

Sana meets Naozumi on the set, and indeed confirms that he is very pretty. They work on the commercial and finish it in a single shot, and Sana believes she got worked up for it for nothing. As she is leaving however, Naozumi comes up to her and tells her he knows here secret.



  • The opening character introductions go into more detail than usual.