The Romantic Love Song of Mr. Hayama
Season 1, Episode 28
Kodocha 28
Air date October 11, 1996
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Pity Me and Cough Up Some Dough
Here She Comes, Mama's Mama

As autumn comes, Sana realizes Akito's name relates to having been born in autumn. She asks his birthday, and he says October 12th, and she celebrates that it is the next day until she realizes that's also the day his mother died. So as not to celebrate on that day, they arrange a 'half-birthday', halfway between her birthday and his, and discover it to be on December 24th.

Sana and Tsuyoshi ask to go with him to visit his mother's grave, which Fuyuki accepts. Sana and Tsuyoshi note the silence, which they regularly break in their squabbles. While they are praying at the shrine, however, they note a woman whom acknowledges them. After they leave, Sana speculates that Fuyuki may be dating the woman, which Hayama does not believe. Sana and Tsuyoshi spy on them at a tea-house, before almost getting their cover blown by Zenjiro. They see Fuyuki reaching up to the woman, and Sana assumes they are already talking about marriage prospects.

Sana and Tsuyoshi go and tell Akito and Natsumi all of these things, which Natsumi immediately believes but Akito is still slow to accept. Natsumi points out that the woman is an old family friend, Shiori Daiichi, and that Fuyuki may be trying to marry her out of memory of their mother. Fuyuki comes home, revealing he is bringing her over for dinner.

In order to stop the romance between them, Sana devises a plan involving Fuyuki going away for a made-up meeting. Sana, Akito, Tsuyoshi, and Natsumi then meet Shiori wearing costumes and having the house decorated with odd decorations, and trying the make her believe all the things that in fact Sana, Akito, and Tsuyoshi had done in the past were all done by Fuyuki. He suddenly arrives home early after having realized that the meeting was fake, and finally tells the truth about Shiori. He simply brought her over to tell Akito about his mother, as he was too afraid to tell him anything. With the truth revealed that there was no romance, she tells Akito many things about his mother, and Fuyuki agrees to be more open about her henceforth.