The Special Christmas Kiss
Season 1, Episode 38
Kodocha 38
Air date December 15, 1996
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Karate and Trumpet Compete for a Kiss
Haya-Moths/Ooga Booga Boo

Sana reveals she will soon begin writing a novel of her own, which will be in essay format. Meanwhile, everyone is prepared for Sana's party, except Akito, who still hasn't gotten his present since he was interrupted by Naozumi. He goes to the mall with Tsuyoshi, but has absolutely no idea what to get. Tsuyoshi insists she will like whatever she gets him, but Akito is not so sure. Tsuyoshi tells him to think how he felt when he received presents, but in his lifetime, he has only received one.

The Kurata household is getting ready for the festivities, but Rei is suddenly brought down when he learns Asako has to cancel. Onda was in the same state, but Misako finally gives him the manuscript, prompting him to run home and spend the holidays with his girlfriend. Naozumi comes by and tells her he will have to cancel coming, but that he will still get her a present. Zenjiro, meanwhile, has no luck getting a date, until a number unknown to him appears. He calls her, and she accepts him for dinner.

Sana's party has begun, and many from her class, both friends and enemies, have come to enjoy it. Sana gives Hayama a toy dinosaur, which, while he doesn't let it on, means a lot to him. He admits he got nothing for Sana, but sh says that because she knew it made him think hard, that was gift enough. Meanwhile, Zenjiro discovers his date is actually Sumirei Ando, the strict schoolteacher.

Naozumi calls Sana on the phone from Kamura Academy, and his present is a song sang by everyone there. After this, Sana goes out in the yard with everyone else, and sees a stray dog standing near Akito. Despite Tsuyoshi's protests, she approaches the dog and feeds it, prompting it to go from growling aggressively to becoming happy and playful. Akito speculates if Sana sees her like she sees the dog, as something just needing to be fixed, to which Tsuyoshi says that he needs to be direct to Sana about his feelings. After everyone leaves, Hayama remains, and builds her a small snowman. Sana is delighted, but Akito fails to find the words to reveal his feelings to her. Instead, he grabs her and kisses her, to Rei's horror, who had been watching from inside. This time, however, she does not resist, and she contemplates why that was that night. The next day, Sana finds all of her things being taken away, to which Misako reveals they've gone bankrupt.