The Unexpected Type of Mother
Season 2, Episode 71
Kodocha 71
Air date August 15, 1997
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Dangerous Feelings at Lunchtime
My Exposed Secret

Gary Hamilton, after having pulled off Brad from Naozumi, apologizes for not having been there earlier. He says that he will ensure no more troubles occur during their stay, and that Brad will be kept far away. They are sent away while Gary and Michelle deal with Brad. In his defense, he says that he's doing if for Cecil, for a reason that he says they already know. Meanwhile, Sana and Naozumi get to the hotel, where they meet the woman. Sana slips away as they silently stare at each other, while the woman takes Naozumi away to a park.

After revealing that she is Naozumi's biological mother, and reasoning that she had to give him away as she was immensely poor, Naozumi asks her nothing of his own past. He makes up an excuse to leave, and after she gives him her phone number and address, Naozumi doesn't say he'll meet her again. When he gets back, they learn that Rei has found a new apartment, and while riding with a particularly annoying taxi driver, Naozumi thinks about how he hated the smell of the woman's makeup. When they get there, they are dumbfounded by the cross-dresser, and think they have the wrong place. However, Rei indicates for them to come in.

Sana and Naozumi get introduced through the house, and learn that the cross dresser (who is confirmed to be a man) calls himself Bernie. He has a tendency to sit very close to Rei, and poke at him, and it is heavily implied he has a crush on him, but he makes up for it in being an excellent cook. Naozumi, however, doesn't want to eat. Sana goes and talks to him, returning what he had said before, and what Akito had said before him; that he can talk to her if he needs to.

They go to practice the next day, and yet again, they are set aside. They practice their dance, but this time, experience no interruptions at the end. Naozumi tells Sana that the woman he talked to was his biological mother, much to her surprise, but that he doesn't feel obligated to talk to her. Meanwhile, it is shown that she is talking to the mysterious man who had talked to Naozumi before. It is actually Naozumi's mother's boyfriend, and his mother is actually just trying to track him down to get money. As Naozumi passes Bernie on his way to the new apartment meanwhile, Cecil suddenly jumps out at him, hugging him and telling him she won't leave this time.