The Whole Classroom is a Monkey Mountain
Season 1, Episode 2
Kodocha 2
Air date April 12, 1996
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I'm an Elementary School Student with an Agent
Operation Eyeball, Toothball

Sana continues to confront Akito, and the girls in the class join her. Mami Suzuki along with other girls call him a devil, angering him to the point of leaving the room. Talking to his close friends Tsuyoshi and Gomi, he is convinced to strike back, against Tsuyoshi's advice.

Gomi and the others capture Mami and push her into a pond, where they hold her as Hayama watches and questions her. Sana intervenes and pulls her out, and slaps Hayama out of anger. She takes Hayama into a storage room intent on finding out why he does these things, only to be grabbed by the throat and told to leave him alone. Misako advises her to target his weakness if she can find it.

The next day, she assaults him with random things hoping to find something to invoke fear in him. This fails, and she is pushed back by Gomi and the others. A fight breaks out in the classroom, which ends with her having her skirt torn up and being forced onto the roof. She is trapped up there while everyone else listens, until Sana uses the Burutcha to call Rei, who saves her and takes her to work, only to find out they had been too late.

At the end, Tsuyoshi is found at Sana's house. The episode closes as he confides Hayama's weakness to her, hoping to stop him.



  • This is the first episode opening with the images of the main characters.
  • She wins the personality test calculator in this episode, which is seen throughout the series.
  • When sweat pants blow to her while on top of the school, Sana remarks that they are Miho's, referring to Miho Obana.