This Summer's Constant Flames
Season 2, Episode 62
Kodocha 62
Air date June 13, 1997
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Don't Believe in Rumours

The episode opens directly where thew last left off, except now from Sana's perspective. She is bored waiting for the signal, so she begins to dance around and sing, as she normally does. However, she is suddenly gripped with pain from her injury, and she falls to the ground. The fire is already roaring around the house, and smoke unexpectedly fills the hall, despite being built to not to. Sana wants to use her emergency phone, but realizes she left it at the other end of the hall.

She thinks to use her Burutcha, but knows that neither Rei nor Akito keep theirs anymore. Nonetheless, Akito, back in Tokyo, fins himself think of it while eating ice cream with Fuka. Sana begins to lose hope, and realizes she won't have to worry about Akito or Fuka if she dies here. She closes her eyes, while Rei fights Mikio and Naozumi to try to save her, while they want to let her have more time to save the scene. A hot, burning filament of ash touches Sana, and she wakes up abruptly, realizing that dying will hurt. She begins a slow shuffle out, but is very weak from the smoke. Rei almost has Naozumi won over to help Sana, and Mikio prepares to scrap the scene, and exceed the budget massively to rebuild the mansion for later, if only to save Sana. She suddenly exits, and she and Naozumi manage to film the scene without problems. The mansion collapses as soon as she comes out.

Naozumi gets burned accidentally on set, and his and Sana's wounds are treated by the doctor there. The director thanks Sana as best he can for doing what she did. They all go in to one of the cabins for a celebration of the ending of the on-location scenes, though Rei lurks most of the time and mumbles his hatred of the director. Meanwhile, the girls who attacked Sana before have come to apologize, though they say they still hate Sana. She says that she herself understands liking someone, though she still loathes them for their actions.

Sana returns to Tokyo, but is confined to a hospital bed while her leg heals. She finally gets over it, and goes to the last set where they'll be filming the movie, the scenes now being much easier than the previous ones. Sana's friends are concerned that she's not contacted them, particularly Akito. Sana is very anxious about seeing her old friends, and wishes she wouldn't have to see them again. She starts to become depressed in her own self-pity.



  • Miho Obana appears again, playing the saxophone after Sana returns to Tokyo.