This Time, Sana is the Lone Wolf
Season 1, Episode 12
Kodocha 12
Air date June 21, 1996
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Mr. Hayama, You're a Real Dad
My Name's Going to Change

Sana is now working extremely hard on commercials, and is booked to the point almost where she hardly has enough time to finish filming one commercial until going to the next. Hisae's birthday is soon, and Sana is invited to go. She agrees, saying that she plans on having the evening of that day free. Meanwhile, Tsuyoshi tries to talk with the girls, but sees how quickly he is rejected. While reflecting out loud, Hayama smirks, causing Tsuyoshi to menacingly approach him. Akito notices a band-aid on his neck, and inquires why he sometimes has injuries in strange places.

Sana is now working more commercials than ever, and Rei keeps piling on more. After a hard day of work on the day she was supposed to go to the party, she falls asleep directly after finishing work and sleeps through the night. When she awakens, she realizes what happened and runs to school, begging forgiveness from her friends. They shun her, and she now has to hang out exclusively with Hayama and Tsuyoshi. Rei notices her sadness during all of this, and begins to believe he's making Sana work too hard. However, Sana accepts the jobs willingly, so he continues to give them, despite Sana internally suffering.

The jobs, however, finally come to an end, and Sana can get back to being herself again. However, the whole school now shuns her, and she can talk with no one but Tsuyoshi and Akito. Tsuyoshi becomes filled with rage about how everyone is treating her, and he and Hayama go into the boys bathroom and beat Gomi and his group up, only for all of them to go to the office. After talking, Tanaka calls in Sana and brings up the concerns with people isolating her. She says it's no big deal, and leaves to thank Hayama. She mentions how they always seem t stick up for each other, and Hayama mentions that Tsuyosi had helped too. She goes back in to thank him, but finds him already gone.

Sana goes to extreme lengths to apologize to her friends, and finally, they forgive her. As she enjoys her time with her friends again, she realizes Tsuyoshi hadn't come in today. Hayama, concerned, goes to the office, and learns that both he and his sister are missing. He runs back and grabs Sana, off to look for him.