Two Hungry People Playing Hide and Seek
Season 1, Episode 18
Kodocha 18
Air date August 2, 1996
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Mother's Book of Surprises
Daughter Cries, Mother Cries

Sana arrives at Hayama's home, and after the excitement of the ride over is done, breaks down crying. Hayama comforts her, but ends up molesting her again, claiming it to be just to break the mood. They all eventually settle down, and Sana ends up falling asleep on the couch. Akito talks to his family about her, and they all worry about everything going on with her. Akito says the best way to deal with the situation is to act normal.

Sana wakes up from her nap when it is already night time, and takes a bath with Natsumi. Hayama walks in on them while they are still in the bathroom, and is kicked out for peeping. Sana and Natsumi look through old pictures of theirs, and they see a picture of Hayama as a baby, to his embarrassment. While talking about how Sana apparently has three moles in a hidden place, Hayama guesses they are on her butt, and Sana becomes angry and embarrassed about him being correct. That night, neither of them can sleep, and Sana brings up she wants to eat ramen. Hayama says they have none, so they will have to go to the store, though Sana worries about the media even in the middle of the night.

Sana and Hayama don disguises, and make their way to the store. Zenjiro is shown to also be having great troubles with the media, and is now hiding around his apartment trying to avoid him. His manager Sanekichi Higashiyamoto helps as much as he can, but his blunders end up hurting him more than helping. They manage to escape the building, and end up meeting Sana and Hayama at the store. He says he intends to flee to Australia for a short time, but that Sana mustn't lose hope.

Sana and Hayama get their ramen and eat it quickly, settling down for sleep. Sana asks if she can sleep in Hayama's room, despite her fears of him molesting her again. They talk, and Sana explains that Misako is using the book to try to find her real mother. She cries again while talking about her fears of having to leave to live with her real mother, to which Hayama extends his help. They eventually fall asleep, and when they wake up, they hear a TV broadcast about something Naozumi did. He admitted himself that he too was a child born to unknown parents. This creats the shift in attention Sana needs to get back home, and suddenly, a call is received from Rei. She learns that her real mother has been found, and she immediately calls Hayama from school for support.



  • Miho Obana makes a brief cameo appearance on the TV.
  • A flashback reveals Shimura has been with Misako even before Rei.