Two Pounding Hearts
Season 1, Episode 16
Kodocha 16
Air date July 19, 1996
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The Promised Summer, Part 2
Mother's Book of Surprises

Sana grabs Naozumi and forces him into a dressing room, questioning him about what he knows. Sana learns that he apparently 'has the same background as her', but that he is also a large fan of her work. He admits he mostly just wanted to leave an impression on her, and now that whatever he knows about her will soon be published, there was little point in talking further.

Rei is more and more concerned about the novel Misako is writing, and goes so far as to interrogate Onda about it. He can't get any answers no matter where he turns, however, and Misako is now done writing the book. Hayama, meanwhile, receives a melon from Sana. He goes over to thank her, but can't get a hold of her through the Burutcha. He runs into Rei, who asks him if he knows anything. Hayama criticizes his lack of knowledge before walking off. It is the last day of summer break.

The play Sana has been working on finally comes out, and everyone she knows comes out to see it. Naozumi meets Sana's school friends, as well as Hayama, and reveals he has strong jealousy of him. While Sana performs in the play, he talks to Hayama, trying to convince him he is over his head to compete with him for Sana.

After the play, Hayama is very angry, and is ready to take his anger out on anything. Principal Narunaru happens to be coming around the corner, and Hayama starts hitting him, to Tsuyoshi's horror. Narunaru just laughs it off, noting on how weak his attacks are, then knocking him down in a single hit. He then offers for him to take karate classes to get stronger, which he accepts to Tsuyoshi's surprise, as he is very undisciplined. Sana fears for her own future, as the book's release is now imminent.



  • This episode is the first to mention Onda's first name, Takezo.
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