You Also Have Emerald Eyes
Season 2, Episode 69
Kodocha 69
Air date August 1, 1997
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Riddles of Passing into Society
Dangerous Feelings at Lunchtime

With their rooms destroyed, Sana and Naozumi set out to search for the ghost-girl Sana saw, whom they find suspect. Brad watches them from afar, reveling in what he felt was victory, though finding them still annoying in their persistence. They are stopped by Michelle because of their yelling, when suddenly they see the girl, who is not a ghost after all. She is Cecil Hamilton, Michelle's daughter. She seems particularly anxious to meet Naozumi, ignoring Sana as she tries to question her.

She gushes over Naozumi before leaving, being taken to her room by Michelle. She warns her that doing such things are dangerous for her, and that she must stay secluded. She later talks to Brad about it, who is angry to hear that she managed to talk to Naozumi. Meanwhile, at practice, they are both subjected to more painful, and useless, practice. Brad comes up to them and continues to say that they should watch their own backs, and that everyone is out to get them, to which Sana asks if he hates them. He says he has no reason to, and Sana says she thinks that he's a good guy.

A man suddenly approaches Naozumi, and tells him he knows his secret, and that he also knows the reason why he was chosen to come. Sana, who was out getting food, comes back however, and he immediately leaves. Naozumi comes to the conclusion that everything that has happened so far was because of someone targeting him, not Sana. Sana finds that the food is terrible, and they go without.

They board the elevator to go back to their exercising, when suddenly people with knives come at them and hold them by their throats. They say this is their second warning to go back to Japan, and the next time will be the last. They leave, and Sana and Naozumi, traumatized, continue with their exercise. Rei comes back from Hollywood, saying he was impressed by Gary, but sees that the two are unhappy. Through a fourth-wall break, he learns of what happened, and ponders whether to leave. Naozumi wants them all to leave, but Sana says she won't be intimidated. They decide to stay, but go to stay at a hotel, to Michelle's and Brad's anger.



  • After Japanese Babbit sees Cecil, he begins to fall in love with her, and American Babbit steps in to do much of the narrating then.
  • A different transition between commercial breaks is now shown, and 'Babbit's counting song' is introduced.